Are you hiring?

Job postings can be found here.

What are the updates you’ve planned?

You can always follow our development progress in our Trello here and see exactly what we are working on and what kind of updates we have planned.

Who are the people working on TFM and where do you live?

Discovery phase and all design and development works until the alpha has been made by 4 guys who live in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ibrahim “cibram” Yildirim (mostly management & systems design),

Veysel “veys” Kara (mostly art & animations),

Resat “mrdilbaz” Dilbaz (mostly coding),

Ali “momo” Kara (mostly content).

Can I talk about or post videos of your game on Youtube/Twitch?

Absolutely. Please feel free to create videos about The First Men. You have permission to monetize your YouTube videos and Twitch streams featuring The First Men content.

What are your inspirations for TFM?

Knights & Merchants

Almost every 4X game

Warcraft series

Magic: The Gathering

Dungeons & Dragons