Game Features

Guide a fledgling human society through a vast and dangerous world in “TFM: The First Men”, a fantasy city-building RTS by Gathering Tree where every character has their own story.

Make man in your image

Design your own Adam and Eve with tons of different customization options to better suit your playstyle.

Character-driven gameplay

Every single one of your units is a fully fleshed-out individual, with their own traits and abilities which will all grow and develop as you progress through the game.

An epic world to explore

Make your way through an expansive fantasy landscape, uncovering its secrets and meeting a multitude of other creatures and civilizations along the way.

Intricate settlement management

Develop your realm and tend to your people’s needs with the help of various buildings, technologies, and tools at your disposal.

Party-based adventures

Gather your bravest to journey away from the safety of your realm and into unknown lands, where they will face great dangers, but also find hidden treasures, learn new skills, and make their bonds stronger.

Real-time combat with Tactical Pause

Even the most basic foes can pose a threat to a skilled party, therefore positioning and coordinating your party’s actions is key to survival.

Storybook-inspired art style

The vibrant and colorful visual aesthetic will make everything, from the grandest monuments to the most basic terrain piece, instantly recognizable and a treat for the eyes.

Endless replayability

Unique story scenarios, competitive skirmish maps, and procedurally generated worlds will be all available in both single-player and multiplayer for all kinds of players to enjoy.

Steam Workshop support

Craft your own epic tales with the built-in map editor and share them with the community.

We are a new game studio at the beginning of our journey based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our quest is to build legendary experiences, playgrounds that will generate countless possibilities for different stories to play out, and magical ambiances to lose yourselves into.

Our vision is to create a studio culture that brings together the most talented developers to work on small teams – where everyone can be empowered, learn from each other, and have a large impact. Our culture is still developing, and we need talented, good humans from different backgrounds to come and shape it with us.
Ibrahim "cibram" Yildirim

Ibrahim "cibram" Yildirim

Executive Producer
Veysel "veys" Kara

Veysel "veys" Kara

Art Director
Ali "momo" Kara

Ali "momo" Kara

Content Designer

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