Gathering Tree is a game development studio based in Istanbul, Turkey with a legacy of making community-focused, moddable, expandable, replayable, strategically deep, and content-heavy games. 

Over a decade we have worked so hard to foster this intensely collaborative and creative environment. If you are looking for new career opportunities and be a part of our family, we are seeking;

  • Good humans with good hearts
  • Passionate gamers who know and love fictional worlds
  • People with outstanding wonder and curiosity for the high fantasy setting and creation myths 
  • Those who strive for excellence in everything they do and brave enough to make bold decisions on behalf of Gathering Tree
  • Teammates ready to tank any challenge, whether or not it’s in their job description, whatever is necessary for the team to succeed
  • Diligent runners who thrive without micro-management of a boss figure on top of their heads

If you believe you share our values and want a part of our family, apply the form below and join us now!

Please use this form instead of emailing us. If there are no openings listed below in your position right now, you can still apply for further use or just to introduce yourself!


We are currently hiring people to form a core team for the development of TFM: The First Men.

All roles are full-time and located in Kavacik, Istanbul, Turkey.